In the journey of establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC), one of the pivotal steps, as discussed in our previous articleHow to Hire the Right People for Your GCC in India, is ensuring you have the right team on board. However, the journey doesn’t end there. As COO and Co-Founder of SMC Squared Steven Stephan emphasizes, “Initiating, recruiting, and nurturing a team that’s not just skilled but is also deeply engaged and retained is equally crucial.”

“At this point, India is the IT capital of the world,” says Stephan. “The talent in India no longer wants to be considered as commoditized resources, they want to work directly for US companies, providing value for their company and making an overall impact on their organization.”


Building a GCC: The Foundation

The inception of a GCC is a strategic move, and its success is rooted in the team. Steven underscores the importance of a meticulous approach, “Every team member is a pivotal piece; hence the recruitment process should be as detailed and strategic as the business plan.” The initiation phase should focus on understanding the local talent landscape, organizational needs, and how to bridge the gap effectively.


Recruiting: Beyond the Resume

Recruiting for a GCC isn’t about filling positions; it’s about integrating diverse talents that can foster innovation and adapt to the evolving business landscape. “Look beyond the resume. Consider the individual, their adaptability, innovation, and how they fit into the organizational culture,” advises Stephan. 


Interviewing: A Two-Way Street

The interview process should be interactive. It’s not just about assessing the candidate but also offering them insights into the organization’s culture and vision. This two-way interaction ensures that both parties align in their expectations and contributions.

Now that the talent has multiple offers, and more flexibility to work from home, the race for talent is more competitive than ever.  To combat this, companies should consider how best to articulate their value to potential clients.  Companies are being challenged more than ever to make their people feel valued and help them understand what their overall value to the company is.


Engagement and Retention: The Continuous Journey

A significant challenge for GCCs is retaining talent. The solution? Creating a culture centered around growth and development. Steven emphasizes, “Investing in training and providing clear career paths is vital. At SMC, we believe that every employee should see a trajectory of growth. It aids not just in retaining talent but also in keeping them engaged and motivated.”

At SMC, we’re proud to have consistently achieved employee retention rates above 90%.  To do this, we work closely with our partners to build a culture that focuses on:

  • Personal Growth: Offer opportunities for personal and professional development. A team that grows is a team that stays.
  •  Innovation: Foster an environment where ideas are welcomed, and innovation is ingrained in daily operations.
  • Recognition: Acknowledge and reward contributions. A recognized team is an engaged team.

Building a GCC is a journey of strategic planning, meticulous recruitment, and continuous engagement. It’s about creating a synergy where the team is not just working for the organization but is an integral part of it. As Steven Stephan aptly puts it, “A GCC’s success isn’t measured by its output alone but by the engagement and retention of its team. It’s a living entity, evolving, innovating, and driving organizational success.”

With these insights, organizations can navigate the complexities of establishing and nurturing a GCC that is not just operationally efficient but is also a hub of innovation, engagement, and retention. Need guidance in building your global team? Interested in a partner who understands your challenges and can find you solutions? Learn more about our services