SMC Squared: Pioneering Innovation and Collaboration at NTTC 2023

Today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the technology curve is essential for companies aiming to thrive in the global economy. As a leading provider of Global Capability Centers (GCCs) for multinational companies in India, SMC Squared is committed to enabling organizations to harness India’s potential for technological excellence. We are thrilled to announce our participation as the leading sponsor at the upcoming North Tech Texas Connect (NTTC) conference, hosted by SIM DFW, the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Chapter of SIM.

NTTC: Bridging Innovation and Collaboration for IT Executives

 The North Texas Tech Connect Conference (NTTC) is a prestigious annual event designed exclusively for IT executives. It serves as a unique platform for technology leaders in North Texas to converge, explore innovative strategies, and foster collaboration within the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.

At SMC, we recognize the paramount importance of innovation and collaboration in achieving sustained success. NTTC aligns seamlessly with our vision, making it the perfect setting for us to showcase our expertise in establishing Global Capability Centers that empower businesses to drive innovation, leverage new technologies, and tap into India’s vast pool of talent.


Malahar Pinnelli: Spearheading the Discussion on Innovation and Talent Acquisition

One of the highlights of this year’s NTTC conference is the exclusive panel discussion titled “Triple Threat or Opportunity: Innovation, New Technology, Race for Talent.” SMC’s very own Malahar Pinnelli, Senior Vice President of Technology and Managing Director of India GCC Operations, will be a featured panelist, alongside Ajay Patel, VP of Business & Technology at Mary Kay, Inc and moderator Kevin Christ, Interim Chief Information & Digital Leader of Stream Realty Partners.

This thought-provoking session promises to delve deep into the challenges and opportunities presented by innovation, emerging technologies, and the competition for top talent in today’s market. Malahar Pinnelli will share his invaluable experiences in driving innovation and harnessing new technologies to propel business growth and create value. He will also provide insights into navigating the challenging talent market and addressing the escalating costs associated with talent acquisition.

It’s important to note that this session is an exclusive opportunity, limited to only 20 participants. Those fortunate enough to attend will have the privilege of engaging in a candid and insightful conversation with industry experts who have successfully tackled the very challenges faced by IT leaders today.


Join SMC Squared at NTTC 2023

As SMC takes center stage as the title sponsor of NTTC 2023, we invite all IT executives and industry leaders to join us in this transformative event. Discover how our GCC solutions can help you maintain a competitive advantage, foster innovation, and tap into the immense potential of India’s technology ecosystem.

We look forward to meeting you at NTTC 2023, where we will explore new horizons in technology, innovation, and collaboration. See you at NTTC!

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