The US Leader in Building Global capability centers

  • Achieve 90% Retention Rates

  • Gain immediate savings, an average of 42%

  • Meet escalating business demands with recruit-to-fit teams from 5 to 1,000+

  • Strategic Risk-Free Commitment with no up-front capital investment


Solutions As Unique

As Your Needs

Move away from a one-size-fits-all solution.  SMC Squared’s GCC-as-a-Service model provides you with the flexibility you need to meet escalating business demands with dedicated teams.

Need help guiding your talent acquisition strategy? Looking for the right expertise to manage and successfully run your workplace?  We’re here to help.  Reach out for more information.


With Strategy-as-a-Service, SMC Squared will design and develop your global game plan that identifies opportunities to align with your short and long-term goals. 


With Talent-as-a-Service, our in-house HR and Recruiting guide local and global leadership with plans and processes to attract talent with local best practices.


We will design, source, build, and fully manage an office that represents your brand, culture and global initiatives. This service requires no up-front capital as we leverage co-developer and SEZ to ensure quality and pricing.


Operations-as-a-Service provides clients with the practical know-how needed to successfully run your workplace. We manage end-to- end all local operations so the GCC teams can focus adding value to business.


Corporate-as-a-Service provides all Finance, Accounting, and Compliance services to manage the GCC.


Leadership-as-a-Service helps clients who may already have a GCC established, ensure success in not only managing the center but in empowering the global teams to work as one. 

“A Disruptive Alternative
To Traditional Outsourcing”

You feel the need for change. It’s time to meet escalating business demands, tackle mounting development projects, and re-energize your customer (internal and external) relationships. And it’s time to do it in an all-new way on a global scale. Well here’s a breath of fresh air: We guarantee 1:1 productivity to your US engineers.

Costing a fraction of old-school, traditional outsourcing models and legacy BOT (Build-Optimize-Transfer) off-shore operations, SMC² brings an innovative approach that’s delivered by US-based executive leadership with over 70 years of combined globe-trotting expertise. Our goal is not hourly billing! We provide you a team at a fixed monthly rate without any overtime and help you achieve true India costs.

No matter what you’re up against, together we’ll figure out the best fit to meet your challenges head-on. From dedicated technology teams at fully managed centers to global insource centers destined to be part of your in-house shop, we’re building your team.

It’s a safe bet you’ve never seen a fully engaged and surprisingly economical solution like this before.

SMC2 Blog: Building an Engaged and Retained Team for Your Global Capability Center

In the journey of establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC), one of the pivotal steps, as discussed in our previous article “How to Hire the Right People for Your GCC in India”, is ensuring you have the right team on board. However, the journey doesn’t end there. As COO and Co-Founder of SMC Squared Steven Stephan emphasizes, “Initiating, recruiting, and nurturing a team that’s not just skilled but is also deeply engaged and retained is equally crucial.”

How to Hire the Right People for Your Global Capability Center (GCC)

To address this crucial need for adaptability, we proudly present GCC-as-a-Service, a game-changing approach that offers CIOs unparalleled freedom in selecting the services they need, and nothing more.

Introducing GCC-as-a-Service: Empowering Multinational Companies to Build and Manage Global Capability Centers with Flexibility and Ease

To address this crucial need for adaptability, we proudly present GCC-as-a-Service, a game-changing approach that offers CIOs unparalleled freedom in selecting the services they need, and nothing more.

SMC Squared Expands Footprint in India, Unleashing Global Capability Center Potential

SMC Squared, the US leader in Global Capabilities Centers, annoiunces the opening of its state-of-the-art offices in India.

How Digi-Key Builds Teams and Trust

“This is a master class on building a world class culture, a world class organization, and really understanding how to compete on a global stage,” said Hunter Muller, President and CEO of HMG Strategy.

How TopGolf Callaway Brands grew to a $3.8B Company

Topgolf Callaway Brands shares their global talent strategy at the HMG Strategy 2022 Southern California CIO Executive Leadership Summit.

Understanding the BOT Model for Outsourced IT: Ecolab Digital Center’s GCC Transfer

When Fortune 500 company Ecolab, a worldwide leader in energy, water and hygiene technologies and services, found themselves with a lack of available talent to execute on big ideas they turned to experts at SMC Squared.

Don’t Overthink it.
We ALREADY Did That For You.

Build. Optimize. Transfer.

Define. Measure. Drive. It’s our mantra as we inject consistency across global resources to ramp up your IT team. The result: engineering rigor that leverages multi-location, multi-timezone efficiencies. No surprises. You set the standard and we’ll make it happen.  Our Build-Optimize-Transfer model is executed in 3 years and with no upfront capital investment.

Managed GCC

Not ready to commit to a full GCC? Experience demonstrated success using the same recruit-to-fit dedicated model we’re known for. Regardless of the continent, “people first” is core to our DNA. It’s how we attract quality global talent that love working long-term with you whether you’re building a team of 5 or 5000. Instantly you’ll see how simple respect drives both efficiency and bottom-line results.


While our resource-expanding models are innovative, we’ve got your back on steering through unbalancing organizational change. Our flexible a la carte model allows you to choose from the services you need, from strategy to talent, operations to leadership, we’re here to help you bring your Global One Team to life.

WHAT do we mean by “TRUE INDIA” COSTS?

At SMC², we’re known for below-market rates with zero overtime charges or over-bill hours.

But eliminating your risk isn’t strictly about dollars and cents. Our secret sauce is the promised 1:1 output ratio:

We guarantee to meet or exceed productivity and quality of your US-based teams.

How can we do that? Through stellar employee satisfaction that comes only with our “people first” mantra.


Digital Acceleration

From Cutting Edge to Legacy, We’ve Got You Covered.

Now you can harness virtually any technology development platform with India-based resources that comfortably exceed US-established standards for quality and productivity.

Refreshingly, it’s not us versus them. These employees are part of our team. They are recruited-for-fit, developed, and managed as long-term assets to our Company. (Read their story.)

Chief Digital Officer

Focused on Digital Transformation and Innovation

We achieved a 44% cost savings as compared to our old IT services strategy. The handcuffs came off and our ability to impact talent and mitigate risk improved. (Read their story.)

Chief Information Officer

Focused on Expanding Development Teams and Support

I’ve spent my career building what I call ‘Navy SEAL’ technology teams – high caliber, collaborative, get-it-done professionals. With SMC Squared we rapidly increased the horsepower of our Corsicana IT organization. I’ve found their employee-based model to be very effective in getting big things done very quickly. (Read their story.)

Chief Information Officer

Focused on Data Science and Analytics

Be Surprised.

As mentioned above, we’ve walked in your shoes and know time is precious. We can’t wait to hear your story, understand your challenges, and run a few options by you.

Scale Your Tech Output: Step 1

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