Digital Teams to Accelerate Your Vision

3 Paths to Drive Results

Now you can harness virtually any technology development platform with India-based resources that comfortably exceed US standards for quality and productivity.

Global Capability Centers, known as GCCs, are the disruptive solution to the traditional outsourcing model that build talented, cost-effective teams as an extension of your team, a global team.

Unlike other services that build commoditized resource pools, GCCs are effective assets that focus on productivity and add value to your organization.  We will customize your solutions to fit your needs in either a Build Optimize Transfer (BOT), Managed Service or GCC-as-a-service model.

Our Services

Industries Served

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
  • Consumer Goods & Distribution
  • Energy, Resources & Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

We achieved a 44% cost savings as compared to our old IT services strategy. The handcuffs came off and our ability to impact talent and mitigate risk improved.

Chief Technology Officer

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