SMC Squared Ranks in the Top 10 of Dallas 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business has ranked SMC Squared #8 of the 100 fastest-growing private companies on the Dallas 100 list. To be considered for the prestigious award, companies must show significant sales growth over the last three years.

At the annual gala event on December 18, 2021, the top 100 rankings were revealed naming Dallas-based technology company SMC Squared in the Top Ten on the list.  

“We’re truly honored to be recognized and ranked on this year’s Dallas 100 list.  Special thanks to our SMC Squared global team and supporters who have contributed to our success over the last five years,” said CEO and Co-Founder Patricia Connolly.

SMC Squared is proud to not only be one of ten female-owned and led businesses that made the list, but also the top-ranked female-owned company of the 2021 standings.

In just five short years, SMC Squared has turned an outdated technology services model upside down, redefining the term “outsourcing” and introducing a profound, new services model for IT.  

Following a roadmap to success, SMC Squared has delivered “Global Insourcing Centers,” scaling from small agile teams to multi-capability centers of 700+ engineers. Their unique focus on talent and technology helps companies drive growth and digital transformation, all while saving an average of 40% in cost, reducing risk, and requiring no capital input.  Companies see the benefit of US productivity while exceeding a 90% retention rate.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!  To view the full list of companies honored at this year’s event click here

  • To learn more about SMC Squared’s approach to building an employee-centric team, click here.
  • Read more about how SMC Squared partners with clients to save an average of 42% on IT talent as they turn to our innovative Global Insourcing Centers.
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