How to Accelerate Digital Capability Despite IT Talent Scarcity in the US

Whether the focus is to build smart applications or update mobile apps for end-users, to increase intelligence using advanced algorithms, or to look at opportunities to automate internal operations to drive high-value outcomes, IT leaders are actively evaluating their digital strategy and seeking ways to rapidly transform.

But how do you effectively accelerate digital transformation with top talent in an increasingly remote world?

IT leader and India Head of Ecolab’s Digital Center Malahar Pinnelli weighs in on how SMC Squared continues to lead the charge in enabling digital transformation. 

“We set up teams to drive digital transformation for large organizations.  From the foundation of the partnership, all the teams that are built are assembled to enable the digital transformation journey,” said Pinnelli.

Malahar Pinnelli has worked in engineering and IT for the last 20 years, working on cutting-edge technologies in India, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Pinnelli established and now leads the Ecolab Digital Center, on behalf of SMC Squared, in Bengaluru India.

“What SMC Squared brings to the table is the access to the right talent mixed with the right culture to achieve the client’s vision and deliver on digital transformation.”

Here are a few examples of how SMC Squared has helped partners like Ecolab to accelerate their digital capabilities.

Ecolab Digital Center

“At Ecolab Digital Center, the teams put together by SMC Squared enable digital transformation through design thinking, understanding and researching user personas, and proactively designing to satisfy the needs of current user perspectives,” says Pinnelli.  

“Combine this with unified systems at the enterprise level and monolithic isolated systems so that every system is interconnected–allowing Ecolab to provide services that are accessed through a single source and single subject.”

In addition, “the culture that Pat and her team at SMC Squared brings is the secret sauce. They’re tied into our culture, Ecolab’s mission, our vision, and that’s really powerful,” said Ecolab’s Director of Global Indirect Procurement Bill Sedoff.  

Learn more about how SMC Squared is helping to power Ecolab Digital Center’s Digital transformation here

WIN Connectivity

Imagine a private cellular network underpinning a smart community, where dedicated network access and wi-fi service is available to students whether they’re learning from home, on a bus, or sitting safely, socially distanced in the open air of a city park. This is just one example of how WIN Connectivity is at the forefront of massive innovation, pushing the boundaries and providing industry partners with profitable and sustainable technology solutions.

“Part of my job is to identify the best-of-breed technology vendors to work with. To identify who our partners will be and who we can win with.  We are proud to be aligned with SMC Squared as we build out our managed services and customer engagement platform.  They bring to us rock-solid software personalities in a tailor-made, task-organized team.  I say ‘personalities’ because our SMC Squared teammates have become much more than colleagues.  They are friends who intuitively understand what we are doing and help us succeed, ” said Tim Dentry CIO at WIN Connectivity.

Learn more about how SMC Squared is collaborating with WIN Connectivity to build the company’s IT infrastructure here

Henry Company

“One of the most refreshing aspects of this pandemic pivot is the demonstration of the amazing things that are possible when everyone is aligned with a shared vision and sense of urgency,” says CIO at Henry Company Rusty Kennington. 

“There’s no tolerance for the things that typically drive ineffectiveness into an organization; fear of making an imperfect decision, indecision in the face of ambiguity, actions not made for the greater good of the company, and just acceptance of mediocre performance.”  Read more here.  

Our job at SMC Squared is to partner with CIOs to meet the demands of the current market by providing the technology resources that our client-partners need to transform –  through the pandemic and beyond. 

In just three years, Pinnelli has helped to lead the development and management of the Ecolab Digital Center.  “When you implement the right culture of the client and make sure that their employees become an extension of the team, it helps drive the vision.  It’s not about just doing the work it’s about our employees understanding what their company is doing to innovate and make sure it happens,”  says Pinnelli.

Learn more about how we build teams specific to your organization and your goals to help enable digital transformation, design thinking, understanding consumer needs here.  

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